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At the Law Office of Yolanda Flores-Burt, we vigorously defend our clients against ADA Lawsuits. Attorney Yolanda Flores-Burt, as a sole practitioner of law, a former nurse and a mother of two who put herself through law school is a real fighter. Ms. Burt has developed specific defense strategies in the context of ADA-related lawsuits. These strategies are designed to not only save our clients lots of time and expenses, but they are designed to help protect our clients from the all too common drive-by ADA litigants. See, 60 Minutes - Abusive Drive-By Lawsuits

Individuals who drive all over the state looking for every technical violation they can find, violations like faded paint or a missing handicapped sign. Who then extort small businesses and hardworking Americans out of a substantial sum of money.

Attorney Flores-Burt guides her clients through each step of the process when defending against an ADA lawsuit. Above all else, Ms. Flores-Burt believes that she serves her clients. Therefore, at the Law Office of Yolanda Flores-Burt, we ensure that our clients are kept up to date and that they are well informed as to all of their options. At the Law Office of Yolanda Flores-Burt, you will never feel pressured to take any course of action over another. Our office will explain the complex nature of ADA Lawsuits to you in a straightforward and understandable way. Our Office will always keep you up to date as to all of your options, and our office will let you chose the option that works best for you. Attorney Flores-Burt understands that things change and that a client may change their mind as to the course of action they wish to take in these matters. We encourage open dialogue with all of our clients, and we will change course if our client so chooses.